Welcome to The Comedy Club Express and Express+ show packages, designed to offer big laughs at minimum cost. Express provides this exciting opportunity at minimum cost, whilst choose to upgrade and Express+ adds more features for a more sales orientated approach to your shows. Both packages use new talent breaking onto the comedy circuit, so you'll be actively supporting the live comedy circuit and putting your venue on the map.

Tick boxes below highlight the services you receive in each package, with your venue requirements outlined in the final three points. Both the Express and Express+ service packages enable you to keep complete control over your event budget.

By using up and coming acts on the UK comedy circuit, you have the power to make your venue the life and soul for live entertainment in your area...not many people can say that!

Please choose your service package and book your live comedy show today.



1 MC + 2/3 Comedians
Web page & Line-up online
Picture line-up online
Venue picture online
Link to Our Website
Link to your website
Press release
Emergency contact no.
Colour Posters
Ticket Template
Room Capacity < 100 < 150
Day of the week Sun to Wed Any Day
Venue to provide Mic, stand and PA system

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